RDA chairman said that the construction work of the Ammar Chowk project will be completed by December 31.

The RDA chairman, while speaking about three mega projects in Rawalpindi being implemented at Ammar Chowk, Kutcherri Chowk, and Defence Chowk, stated that the choice to commence these projects one after the other was made with the traffic load and continuity of traffic flow on these routes in mind.

The Ammar Chowk redevelopment will now cost Rs1.3 billion, Kutcherri Chowk will cost Rs3.8 billion, and Defence Chowk will cost Rs2.1 billion, according to the RDA chairman.

Chairman RDA mentioned that building of a two-story flyover at the Kutcherri Chowk project would commence in the first quarter of 2022, followed by the start of development work on the Defence Chowk project.

He said that the two-story flyover design of the Kutcherri Chowk project is unique, and that it would be the first of its kind in Pakistan.

RDA chairman mentioned that the Ammar Chowk project has been stalled for the last 12 years, but that building work had already begun with the cooperation of the Rawalpindi Development Authority and Station Headquarters Rawalpindi. He stated the project has experienced some substantial alterations as a result of the expanding population and traffic congestion, including the inclusion of twin underpasses, the undergrounding of H.T and L.T cables, and the addition of a new services line and reinforced earth panel. Steps have also been done to make the surrounding region clean and green, in accordance with Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s goal.

Throughout the building process, considerable care has been taken to guarantee that the people have the least amount of difficulties and are not limited in their movement. Despite COVID-19 and the hard dry winter season, he noted, development work continues.

He praised the pace and quality of the work and thanked Station Headquarters Rawalpindi, the Chaklala Cantonment Board, and the FWO for their complete cooperation and assistance in pushing this critical project forward in a record-breaking time.

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