The Capital Development Authority (CDA) was given orders by the prime minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday to finish the Bhara Kahu bypass within four months and to guarantee that the inter-city bus service was operating within one month.

While launching the project to build a flyover above the Rawal Dam Interchange, he issued these instructions.

According to PM Sharif, finishing the Bhara Kahu bypass in four months is entirely feasible. He further mentioned that his team finished significant projects in Lahore and Murree in that time frame.

The prime minister further stated that if the bypass was finished in the allotted period, he would present a medal to CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed. He also instructed the local government to finish the remaining work on the Rawal Dam Interchange as soon as feasible.

The flyover project was finished quickly thanks to the leadership of the civic organisation, his staff, and the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), and Prime Minister Sharif expressed his gratitude for the chairman’s transformation.

The prime minister remarked, “It is never too late. Had he [head of CDA] transformed himself earlier, Islamabad would have changed by now.

It’s important to mention that the previous contractor abandoned the project in April of this year after completing about 50% of the work.

The FWO was then hired by the CDA to do the remaining work. The prime minister had instructed the civic council to complete this project by September by all means when visiting the location in April.

The Rs1.1 billion project had an October completion target originally, but on PM Sharif’s orders, civic agency staff members worked diligently over the past three days to finish it.

The flyover is now finished, and it is anticipated that the remaining work will be finished in the next month.

Earlier, when discussing bus services, Mr. Sharif noted that although the CDA chief had asked for two months to begin the inter-city bus service, he was only granting him one month.

Bhara Kahu obstruct

Due to the frequent traffic jams on Murree Road, the project has been delayed, upsetting the locals.

The 7.8km long bypass, which is a component of the Margalla Road project, was created to give travellers heading in the direction of Murree, Galyat, and Kashmir an other route.

The proposed bypass will begin in the Malpur neighbourhood and end on Murree Road close to Satra Meel.

The project’s foundation stone was placed by the former prime minister Imran Khan in April of last year next to Quaid-i-Azam University, but construction has not yet started.

A flyover project will be preferred by the CDA over the proposed Bhara Kahu bypass project, according to sources. According to sources, the civic agency’s engineering division has developed a new concept that claims building a road-crossing flyover will alleviate traffic congestion.

They claimed that a new route would be created beside the current Kayani Road, which connects to Quaid-i-Azam University Road, and be utilised as a bypass road close to Kayani Bridge to Jugi halt, from which a flyover would be erected to the end of Bhara Kahu (towards Murree Road).

The project, according to CDA officials, cannot be finished in four months since it involves a lot of cut and fill; however, they noted that the road project from Kayani Bridge to Jugi halt and then the flyover from Jugi towards the end of the bazaar are feasible.

The CDA promised to provide both proposals to the prime minister.

Former senator Enver Baig, a resident of the area, responded to the PM’s order by saying that the bypass project should have been completed before the Rawal Dam Interchange project. He added that the project was unnecessary and that there was no significant traffic hazard, but the CDA chose to work on it first due to the “high and mighty living in Chak Shahzad and surrounding areas.”

“Now that the prime minister has issued an order and an ultimatum, I’m hoping the CDA will finish the Bhara Kahu bypass, which is desperately required, within four months. In Bhara Kahu, I have also witnessed ambulances snarled in traffic,” he continued.

Source: DAWN



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