The largest Miyawaki forest is being created in the federal capital by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) with the assistance of a private enterprise.

The Miyawaki forest in sector H-12 was officially inaugurated by Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain (r) Muhammad Usman Yunus and MD Mari Petroleum by planting seedlings.

It’s been reported that private corporation Mari Petroleum assisted in the development of this Miyawaki forest on 17 acres of land. A total of 20,000 large-sized seedlings of various species were initially planted, and further plantings will be added to expand the forest. Furthermore, a unique protective barrier has also been put in place to save the vegetation in this Miyawaki forest.

The Capital Development Authority Chairman acknowledged Mari Petroleum on this occasion and thanked them for helping to build this huge forest alongside CDA. He added that Islamabad is already a green city and that the planting of 20,000 more plants will further enhance its greenness. On this occasion, Chairman CDA added that although there aren’t many saplings left to plant due to environmental degradation, the CDA administration is working to establish new plantations. Along with the other departments’ cooperation, this will assure maximum planting.

He added that as this is the largest Miyawaki forest in Islamabad, extra measures would be taken to guarantee the security of the plants that the CDA administration has planted.

Source: DAWN

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