According to Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairman Aamir Ali Ahmed, the Islamabad art and exhibition history museum, which is being repaired in F9 Park, would be available to the public shortly.

He informed that the museum will contain a display with extensive gallery and history about the inception of Islamabad.

According to Ahmed, the programme aims to promote art and culture as well as citizens’ connections to Islamabad’s heritage. Similarly, he said that different images and artifacts of historical value will be shown in F9 Park Islamabad art museum.

He stated that the city’s artists will be engaged in forming a non-official board to run the centre. The federal apex agency was transforming an existing structure, which had previously been utilised as a restaurant, into a museum.

Meanwhile, the CDA Enforcement Directorate carried out a large operation against the Land Mafia in several parts of Islamabad, recovering around 20 kanals of government land. So, this will bring something valuable in F9 Park Islamabad.

Source: The News

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