The Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has requested a copy of the records Ring Road Project (RRP), which runs through Islamabad’s city limits (CDA).

In addition, both Punjab and Islamabad have finished surveys for the routes of ring road that would connect the M-I with the G.T. Road at Tarnol.

According to sources, Punjab’s Anti-Corruption Establishment requested the CDA’s records for the Islamabad part of the ring road project a few days ago.

“Yes, the anti-corruption agency requested that we disclose communication between CDA and the Punjab government, as well as project records for the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Only a tiny section of the ring road lies inside the city limits of Islamabad, and we have chosen to handover this piece of the road to CDA on the orders of the prime minister,” said a CDA board member.

Previously, the Punjab government insisted on building the two-kilometer-long road that runs through Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan, on the other hand, awarded CDA the Islamabad part in February. CDA will now purchase property and construct the two-kilometer stretch of road.

Work on the project came to a halt in April when an investigation was launched into previous commissioner retired Capt. Mohammad Mehmood and other officials for allegedly altering the ring road’s alignment to benefit a number of housing societies.

Meanwhile, officials from CDA Dawn told Dawn that a road and land survey for a road project connecting M-I and G.T. is underway. The road near Tarnol has been finished, and the project’s PC-I will be presented to the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) for approval next month.

They claimed that the Punjab government and the federal government will split the cost of the five-kilometer road project, which will be carried out by CDA. They claimed that the project’s alignment had been redone since it was previously zigzagging but is now virtually straight, according to authorities.

“The project survey and draught PC-I have been completed, and it will be presented to the CDWP for approval next month. So ideally construction will begin in September or October,” said a CDA engineering official.

Source: DAWN

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