The development and improvement of the sectors like E-12, C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, H-16, I-17, F-13, E-13, D-13, 1-12, E-12, Kurri, and Rehara is slowly now is in progress. In the recent interview, CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed acknowledged that the civic agency has failed to do development of a few sectors for decades. He said, however, that CDA had successfully started the development of these sectors. The development time is roughly is said to be next 2 years and after this development, CDA will be able to shelter 23,000 housing units in these sectors.

However, after decades of commitment, a CDA board member stated that construction in E-12 (which had been postponed since 1989), I-15, and Park Enclave-II is now in full swing, and that a contract for development in I-12 and Park Enclave-III will be awarded shortly after Eid. “We finished the remaining construction of Park Enclave-I, and work in three sectors (E-12, C-15, and Park Enclave-II) is continuing while paperwork is completed before awarding the contract for sector I-12 and Park Enclave-III,” he said.

According to reports, CDA previously refused to begin construction due to adverse ownership of its property, as the civic agency declared the BuP award decades after the land award. However, development is now in full swing, and new sectors in Islamabad will be visible shortly.



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