The CDA officials held a meeting in Tuesday where the officials had presented their agenda to seal 22 buildings abiding the laws of CDA in E-11 after the recent flooding in E-11 Islamabad.

CDA officials have mentioned that the notice has already been served to the owners of all illegal buildings and owners have been requested to respond to numerous offences.

“We will seal other buildings as well when we finish the proper procedure,” Chairman CDA.

Officials from the Building Control Directorate is taking action against illegal buildings in E-11 Islamabad with the help of the Islamabad police and the district administration.

By previous president Ayub Khan’s instructions, the E-11 Islamabad area has been spared from land acquisition. However, owing to its exempt status, the CDA was unable to fully apply its rules in this area, resulting in the mushrooming of projects. In this sector, there are now five housing societies functioning, three of which are unlawful. In addition, there are approximately 70 unapproved high-rise structures in E-11 Islamabad.

According to the CDA officials, the municipal agency had also filed a summary with the federal government, requesting the removal of the sector’s exempted status in order to ensure the implementation of all CDA rules in E-11 Islamabad.

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