To get rid of the water issues and to harvest the rain water in Islamabad, CDA with the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), will build 100 underground water wells and 20 observatory wells in different areas of Islamabad.

At CDA headquarters, chairman Amer Ali Ahmed and PCRWR chairman Ch Ashraf met to examine various options for resolving the capital’s water-related concerns. Long- and short-term options were discussed throughout the meeting.

To conserve water, a sprinkling irrigation system will be constructed to keep the green belts of the Srinagar and Islamabad highways green. By the third week of June, PC 1 (of Rs 57 million) will be ready.

To speed the meeting’s execution, a liaison committee comprised of Deputy DG Water Management Sardar Zamir and Dr. Naveed was constituted.

It was also determined to enlist the help of the private sector and civil society in rainwater conservation. The authorities decided to enlist the assistance of the PCRWR for the rehabilitation of two small dams in Islamabad’s rural areas. The decision was made that PCRWR will be permanently involved in dealing with water-related concerns in Islamabad.



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