Meeting took place between the higher authorities in Islamabad to discuss the issue of E-11, the Federal Cabinet is expected to take up a report from the Ministry of Interior, allowing the Capital Development Authority to take over Sector E-11.

According to official sources, the CDA sent a report to the Ministry of Interior, which the Federal Cabinet would consider as an ex-agenda item at its next meeting on Tuesday.

According to official sources, if approved by the Federal Cabinet, a Presidential Order would be issued allowing the CDA to take over Sector E-11 and implement its rules and construction bye-laws.

The summary’s goals would be achieved by overturning President Ayub Khan’s presidential decree exempting Sector E-11 from acquisition, ostensibly owing to the presence of the Golra Sharif shrine.

Later, General Ziaul Haque issued an order altering the status of the land in Sector E-11, making it a no-go area for CDA members and resulting in the rise of encroachments and the unlawful construction of commercial and residential structures.

There’s also the problem of property swaps from local landowners, which are permitted by General Zia’s 1983 law. Later, the CDA enacted several restrictions that aided and aided the growth of high-height structures.

Taking advantage of the land’s status, private housing societies began to appear on the map of Islamabad in the 1990s, with the most rapid expansion occurring in the recent 10 to 15 years.

According to sources, the decision to avoid a flash flood situation in Sector E-11 was made in principle during a meeting between Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar and CDA Chairman Amer Ahmed Ali after flood water from a nullah inundated a street in the Medical Housing society, drowning a mother and her child.

The hydrological survey, widening roads and streets by eliminating encroachments, and any compensations would be covered by the management and sponsors of all five housing societies. The Islamabad Capital Territory administration and Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission have been asked to offer legal protection in the case so that it becomes obligatory on housing programme sponsors, according to the source.

Meanwhile, unlawful constructions and breaches of building by-laws in Sector E-11 have been brought to the attention of the CDA administration.

The proprietors of private housing societies in Sector E-11 have been given letters by the Capital Development Authority for breaching building bye-laws and enabling unlawful constructions.

In addition, 18 residential and commercial structures in Sector E-11 were issued seal and show cause notices for unlawful constructions and violations of building bye-laws. For several months, the CDA has been undertaking operations against unlawful encroachments in the federal capital, recovering billions of rupees in government land.

In addition, the CDA administration has filed a FIR at Golra Police Station against the proprietors of private housing societies such as Fortune Empire, FECHS, and PECHS. The owners and developers took no safety precautions to deal with any emergency during the basement development.

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