The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is waging a fight against anti-encroachment. During the anti-encroachment campaign, more than 35 fences, nets, walls, steel cages, cabins, cages, and greens were erected outside homes on Sector F-10, F-11, G-9, and Margalla Road.

Boards and nets, among other unwanted encroachments, have been demolished. The Enforcement Agency has been in charge of the operation. Special Enforcement Department teams have been created to keep the service running over the Saturday and Sunday holidays, and workers vacations have been cancelled.


Encroachment Operation Continuation

“Our activity will proceed uninterrupted; there is no big-wig in the eyes of the law; all people are equal, and we will take action against all encroachers,” said a CDA official.

Prior to the operation, he added, the civic agency had told residents through a final public notice published in newspapers, demanding that they voluntarily vacate state property.

“The activity is being carried out under the chairman’s orders, CDA. The CDA has confirmed that this procedure will be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that encroachments are removed,” he said.

Meanwhile, the municipal department has agreed to resume the service on Saturday and Sunday. “A special anti-encroachment campaign has been launched to clear persistent encroachments in Islamabad,” according to a letter sent by the compliance wing’s deputy director (admin) on Friday, adding that the project will continue without interruption.

Both activity teams (including the evening shift), ladies’ contingents, police contingents, and transportation sectors of this directorate are hereby instructed to return to work during the upcoming holidays, according to the message.

From Margalla Road to F-11 Islamabad

It is worth noting that the CDA, in an unusual development, undertook an operation to clear encroachments made by prominent people living along the Margalla Road from sector F-6 to F-11, despite the fact that the civic agency usually prefers soft targets by demolishing houses of less powerful people. “I am surprised that we [CDA] were able to clear encroachments created by wealthy individuals today. If CDA is effective in removing encroachments from the entire Margalla Road, it will send a strong message to other encroachers,” the CDA official said.

The Federal Cabinet took note of encroachments on Margalla Road by some Defense Ministry organisations last year. The cabinet was told in December of last year that the encroachments would be cleared within six months. In June, the deadline will be met.



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