Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is one of the fastest developing cities in the country. Unlike other cities in Pakistan, it is planned and well-maintained. Owing to matchless natural appeal, opulent lifestyle, and political importance, Islamabad is on its way to becoming a megacity in the upcoming years. The city has recently observed an upsurge in the demand for luxury apartments in Islamabad.

Islamabad’s population has multiplied rapidly in the past few years due to urban sprawl and better opportunities. Subsequently, the overall demand and cost of residential units has skyrocketed. For this reason, people now tend to choose luxury apartments in Islamabad over individual houses. Nevertheless, a few places have recently emerged as the most preferred housing facilities based on affordability and quality of living.

Based on urban style luxury and convenience, we have shortlisted a few places to ease the apartment hunt for you. Let’s look at the factors that make these places ideal places to secure an apartment.

Melliore Residency

Melliore Residency is an ultra-luxury high-rise residential project situated on the Islamabad Expressway. Due to its prime location, this iconic project has multiple access points to the capital. Melliore Residency is a great attraction for homeowners as well as investors due to the multitude of amenities and strategic location. So, for anyone wanting to own a luxury apartments in Islamabad with maximum connectivity to the city, Melliore Residency is the place to be.

Oriental Centre 

The Oriental Centre is a new yet prominent addition to Bahria Garden City. This extraordinary project features commercial units as well as luxury apartments. This unique project is favoured by spacious apartment designs, tranquil surroundings, and prime proximity to GT Road. Though the infrastructural development is best-in-class, the cost of apartments still falls under the affordable category.


Enclave heights

Enclave Heights has recently become famous as an impressive and noteworthy residential project. This is a residential-commercial project and is a key development of Bahria Enclave. Enclave Heights offers luxury apartments in Islamabad with a plethora of lifestyle amenities. Located in zone-4 Islamabad, Enclave Heights is only a 10-minute drive away from Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. This region has recently seen tremendous infrastructural development while providing work-life balance to homebuyers by relocating to this place.

Skypark One 

Skypark One in Gulberg Green, the most sophisticated suburb of Islamabad, is a one-of-a-kind multipurpose project. This development features ready-to-move-in apartments, food court spaces, and exclusive commercial units. Skypark One enjoys excellent connectivity to the Islamabad Expressway. As a considerably new but innovative market, this quintessential project has a high potential to yield good appreciation for investors.

Royal Mall and Residency

Royal Mall & Residency in Bahria Enclave is yet another great place for luxury apartments in Islamabad. It is a prime location to buy an apartment in a commercially thriving neighbourhood. This phenomenal project houses food court spaces, retail units, as well as luxury apartments. Along with numerous other advantages, only 10-minute proximity to the Islamabad Expressway attracts potential homebuyers in Islamabad.


Sum up

The areas mentioned above are ideal for people seeking affordable yet luxurious apartments in Islamabad. With so many developers offering reasonable and flexible financing options, owning an apartment in Islamabad is no longer a farfetched dream.

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