NLC has been awarded with Bhara Kahu Bypass project as they bid the lowest and it got accepted by CDA.

The Frontier Work Organisation (FWO) and NLC took part in the process because CDA had only requested proposals from government-owned construction companies for Bhara Kahu Bypass.

The NLC offered Rs6.5 billion, according to sources, while FWO filed a bid for Rs7.3 billion. As a result, work orders will be given to NLC in a few days as they submitted the lowest offer.

According to CDA officials, the NLC was anticipated to mobilise its machinery in a few days, and the ceremonial project inauguration would be carried out by the prime minister upon his return from the United States. In four months, the project would be finished.

The project must begin as soon as feasible and be finished within four months, according to a directive given by the prime minister to the CDA last month. The five-kilometer route would begin on Murree Road near the Quaid-i-Azam University stop and conclude on Murree Road near the Jugi bus stop next to Punjab Cash and Carry. From there, it will have a one-kilometer flyover that will end outside the Bhara Kahu market and go back toward Murree.

Earlier, the CDA had envisioned a 7.8-km route that would totally circumvent Bhara Kahu Bypass and Kot Hatyal. However, it took close to two years to complete the job. The CDA opted to start the five-kilometer road and flyover project instead of abandoning it.

The PC-I project was authorised by the CDA’s Development Working Party (DWP) a few weeks ago; however, on Monday, when bids were launched, the civic body got an offer for Rs6.5 billion instead of the projected cost of Rs7 billion.

People travelling to Murree and Kashmir would feel a great deal of relief once the project was finished because the present Murree Road in Bhara Kahu was clogged with traffic, especially on the weekends. The CDA engineering division is certain that the project will be finished on time.

When contacted by Dawn CDA Chairman Capt (retired) Mohammad Usman, he verified the opening of financial bids for the bypass project.

He said that the project will be finished in four months and added that he had instructed the engineering wing to start it right now.

The CDA chief recently stated that the project may be completed in four months during his first encounter with media representatives in answer to a query. The CDA will make an effort to finish it even before the deadline, he had stated.

The primary assignment handed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to the CDA chairman was the Bhara Kahu bypass project. The current administration was launching this initiative, which would be the first of its kind.

The prior administration initiated a number of other current road projects. Some of them, such as the Rawal Dam and 7th Avenue interchange projects, are nearly finished, while the continuing Margalla Road (from G.T. Road to D-12), which was scheduled to be finished in December this year, is also nearly finished.


Source: DAWN

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