Property investment or home buying is an important decision in one’s life. While making the final call, the dilemma of investing in ready-to-move-in property or under-construction property may throw you off balance. Although both types of properties have their respective pros and cons. The choice is hard to make and may get your wires cross as you dig deeper to learn about them.

Yes, a ready-to-move-in property may be a lot heavier on a budget, but the instant happiness is incomparable. It may make you instantly feel as if you have got your life sorted. Similarly, the property currently under construction may make you wait a bit longer. However, the wait is worthwhile when you get a nice property eventually without costing you an arm and a leg. Nevertheless, an under-construction property outweighs a ready-to-move-in in terms of some unavoidable aspects.

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If you are struggling to figure out which type of property is more advantageous for you, this article will help you. Let us walk you through what makes under-construction property a gleaming opportunity to invest in.

Easier on budget

Unlike ready properties, under-construction ones will save you a good chunk of money. Meanwhile, it may let you achieve other charms of the property, such as location, property type, and amenities without compromising on budget. The under-constructed property may make you wait till you can finally move in or rent out, but the astonishing price difference will surely be a consolation.

New construction

As the construction of your under-construction property comes to an end, it may give you relief knowing you are moving into a newly constructed property. The lately constructed property hardly needs maintenance with no durability and renovation issues. Besides, it also lets you get the best experience of the latest facilities and amenities in the market. On the flip side, you may have to put up with the challenges if you buy an existing old home.

More options for customization

Buying an under-constructed property comes with wider options to customize your place. With plentiful options to select from, you get enough room to make changes in the layout as per your requirements. In this way, you can get your dream of a personalized home fulfilled.

Easy and flexible payment plans

One does not have to buy the property in one go while buying an under-construction property. Mostly, in the case of buying an under-construction property, the builder lets you pay the amount in scheduled phases, considering the stages of construction. This puts the buyer at ease, knowing the payment can be completed gradually while not putting as big a dent in your pocket.


With all being said, it is concluded that both under-construction property and existing property have their respective pros and cons. However, investment in a property under construction is a better bet if cost is your primary concern.


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