Netflix is having some super movies for real estate agents. We suggest you not miss these amazing movies if you are a real estate agent.

Here are three real estate movies on Netflix that will make any agent laugh, cry, or at the very least do some soul-searching.

1.     The Big Short (2015)

This movie is the definitive guide, replete with CliffsNotes, if you’ve fully recovered from your financial crisis crash hangover and want to know precisely how we got into that mess.

The film follows a cast of eccentrics who bet against the market and ended up benefiting from its collapse, and is based on the book “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine,” a tell-all portrayal of the credit default swap disaster authored by financial journalist Michael Lewis.

2.     Rising High (2020)

“Rising High” is a drab white-collar criminal film with little oomph and much less depth. The fast-paced German film, which is now available on Netflix, aims to the sly satire of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but the sight of greed it depicts is neither as fascinating nor as depressing. It’s simply plain obnoxious.

The film begins with our wealthy hero, Viktor, throwing a wild house party (David Kross). He wakes, hungover, to a squad of cops arresting him for tax evasion, money laundering, and fraud. He is a baby-faced real estate tycoon with a chip on his shoulder. He’s soon in jail, telling a visiting journalist about his climb to power. Rising high is a non-stop entertainment packed netflix movie.

3.     5 Flights up (2015)

5 Flights Up (also known as Ruth & Alex in the United Kingdom) is a 2014 American comedy-drama film directed by Richard Loncraine and starring Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton. The film is based on Jill Ciment’s book Heroic Measures. Focus World published it on May 8, 2015. Ruth discovers an apartment she truly loves during their hunt for a replacement, and their offer is approved. However, the sellers’ agent requires a deposit check by that evening or the auction would be rescheduled. When Alex, Ruth, and Lilly come to the apartment to sign the lease, the owners inform them that the deposit is insufficient. Meanwhile, the driver of the tanker has been arrested, according to the news. Alex is taken aback by the fact that the driver is “only a child.”

Alex despises the proprietors’ demeanour and refuses to submit a deposit check. Alex and Ruth have left the room. Lilly discovers that the Carvers are no longer interested in selling their flat as they leave. She goes away after turning them off.  It is a very emotional netflix movie.

If you are a real estate agent, we suggest you not to miss these 3 Netflix movies.

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