Kitchen Gardening, a way to leverage sustainable and organic vegetable cultivation.

Currently, our contemporary eating habits and revolutionized processed food chain has taken away our power to know the source where our food is coming from and how organic and nutritious it is. This is where the concept of kitchen gardening comes up and claims its importance. Kitchen gardening is also known as household gardening is generally referred to as the process of cultivating vegetables around or close to the doorstep for household usage.  Needless to say, it is always satisfying to know and engage in cultivating the food that you are going to eat afterwards. Also, it’s a good practice to keep yourself occupied.

Benefits of Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen gardening does not only helps you know and connects with what you eat, it also helps you know and saves the planet in a number of ways. It also has a high capability to meet the nutritional and health-related concerns of modern society. As Nicole Burke, the author of kitchen garden revival reflected the challenges of urban lifestyle by stating, “There aren’t many things in the world that are beautiful, inspiring, productive, and so good for almost every aspect of your health”.

Moreover, Pakistan is blessed with a wide variety of geographical regimes, climates and weather conditions that are highly favorable for kitchen gardening. On the other hand,   Pakistan is experiencing some of the worst effects of global warming due to the increased content of greenhouse gases in the air. One way to effectively use the beneficial aspect of the regions and at the same time, to combat the environmental challenges faced by the country is kitchen gardening. One of the main benefits of kitchen gardening that makes it an appealing idea is that it produces valuable, irreplaceable and maximum output from little input and an effortless approach.

Kitchen Gardening

However, under the current busy lifestyle, people are not really interested in the practices of kitchen gardening mainly because of the busy lifestyle, bleak connection with nature and less awareness and understanding of the importance of kitchen gardening and associated health benefits.   Some of the primary benefits of kitchen gardening that must not be denied considering this idea includes,

  • Easily accessible food and vegetables near or around your home.
  • Free of pesticides vegetables and herbs.
  • Productively use the wasteland around the house.
  • Minimize the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Economical way to obtain vegetables and herbs.

In the end, I am expecting you will wind up this read with some valuable learning and tips. This blog encourages the readers to set foot in simpler and active living habits and feed on organic, homegrown food that will not only ensure good health but may also give you a feeling of accomplishment. So are you psyched up to begin this new exciting activity?

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