It is one of the most asked questions in the field of commercial real estate.

A lot of people ask this question because they need a monthly rental.

So, there are numerous projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad offering good rentals. But, it also depends on how much you invest and on that investment how much you get per month. Some options in twin cities offer you to invest a lot but, the monthly rental is quite low. But, some projects like Pearl Arcade and Tower81 offer you to invest very little and gain a lot in return. And, not just that, they offer a buy-back guarantee after 2 years.

Nowadays, Linkers International is offering shops and apartments in Kohistan Enclave Wah Cantt. Rawalpindi with monthly rental up to RS. 28,000pkr by investing only 36 LACS with a buy-back guarantee after 2 years.

This is one of the finest opportunities out there we are suggesting nowadays to our every client. But, as mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of companies offering different rental offers. You can explore those as well. But, for the most secured and profitable one, Pearl Arcade of Linkers is the best option.



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