U Bank (a microfinance bank) aspires to be a triple bottom line organisation that puts “People, Planet, and Profit” at the forefront of its mission.

U Bank has been participating in the annual tree-planting initiative, which is part of the bank’s wider aim to reduce its carbon and waste impact as well as provide products that consider the consequences of climate change.

The Miyawaki method is a forest regeneration approach named after the great Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. It seeks to rebuild self-sustaining, multilayered indigenous forests on damaged land with little to no human involvement.

“The threat of climate change is extremely serious and is now here,” said Kabeer Naqvi, President and CEO of U Bank.

To alleviate the disastrous impacts of deforestation and land degradation, which have placed Pakistan on the list of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries, we must all work together at the organisational and individual levels.

U Bank will continue to support activities and projects that promote environmental conservation and regeneration. Our goal is that more businesses and individuals will step forward and join us in tackling this critical issue. There is only one planet for us to live on. We must appreciate and safeguard it.” —PR

We appreciate this step taken by U Bank in collaboration with CDA and wish U Bank all the best to achieve their targets successfully.

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