Discovering the best information resources i.e blogs to stay informed about the current real estate trends, opportunities, and news is not easy. Finding, identifying and following the accurate news among the piles of information available on the Internet can be highly time-consuming. Hence, we have assembled a list of the blogs we believe are the best and useful and will continue giving the most reliable information.

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We appreciate the significant contribution these incredible blogs have made in our lives. These amazing real estate blogs have also helped investors as well as real estate agents and professionals to shape the best decision.

So if you want to learn more about the real estate industry, these blogs are a great place to start. Let’s take a look and bookmark your favorites to help you stay neck and neck to all updates in the future.

  1. Keller Williams realty

Keller Williams Realty is the first real estate blog on our list today. It is one of the best franchises in the United States in terms of ranking number, sales volume. It is ranked the best among the best blogs marked with good Industry knowledge, innovation, and consumer education through their blogs.

This website does not give property listings only in America but also provides useful information and tips about the global real estate industry. There are a variety of topics discussed in this blog which includes buying and selling, décor ideas, market trends. Do visit this blog if you are interested to learn and analyzing American real estate.

  1. Zillow Porchlight

As one of the renowned key players in the real estate industry, Zillow Porchlight real estate blog is ranked second in this list.  Zillow Porchlightis the best source to stay informed with all real estate news and trends.

Surprisingly this awe-inspiring blog has maintained separate sections of blogs for selling, renovation, buying and financing etc. It helps the reader to easily get the desired information from the respective section.  It would be no exaggeration to say that this blog is all you need for real estate related queries and issues.

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  1. Redfin

With the vision to redefine the real estate industry to benefit the customers in every way possible, Redfin is ranked 4th in this list. It does not only contribute to providing the best real estate opportunities to the customers. Redfin has a crack at educating people about the industry.  Moreover, it is an incredible mine of information for lenders, mortgage rates and home selling etc. Redfin also allows its customers to use an affordability calculator for a seamless way to get information.

  1. The New York times real estate

Who in the world today is unfamiliar with the New York Times? The brand is famous for its worldwide identity and credibility. Astonishingly this awe-inspiring website also has a real estate blog. Besides, the blog also covers a number of interesting topics for example taxation, décor ideas, tips and tricks, mortgages, and other emerging market trends in the global real estate industry.

In addition to this, it also allows you to ask questions from real estate professionals. You can also leave your requests or queries on their email address.

  1. Linkers

Linkers based in Pakistan is a successful real estate company. It mainly deals with various high rise projects in the country’s capital. The goal of Linkers real estate blog is to educate the readers about different aspects of the real estate world in Pakistan as well as across the world. It’s a very useful social network for investing community and buyers. It helps you upscale your real estate knowledge as well as market opportunities and deals.

  1. Inman

In this list, Inman is the most useful and informative real estate blog. The site accounts for being the primary source of information for the modern trends in the real estate sector. It is a one-stop solution for all your real estate concerns and investment worries. It also covers a variety of topics about how world affairs affect the real estate industry.

  1. Forbes

Forbes is a well-known global media company. It is also one of the most reliable sources for real estate information today. Readers may come to know interesting news about the global real estate ecosystem in this real estate blog. They frequently upload interesting blogs about market trends and real estate investors. It also guides you about the ways you can safely invest and much more.

  1. Fortune builders

The Fortune Builders blog stands 8th on this list of the world’s best real estate blogs. This blog contains lots of helpful insights ranging from general financing information and investment advice to improve the value of your properties.

This real estate blog also gave us great understanding through distinct tips, information, and news regarding challenges that confront real estate agents and brokers.

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Final words

Blogs have always been an incredible source of information and tips no matter you are an agent or investor in this field. You may find this helpful even if you are an expert in the business for years.

So this was the two cents from our side. Do check this out and let us know your views about them. Feel free to drop us comments regarding ideas and suggestions.

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