The power of social media for the growth of businesses today cannot be denied. Social media is irrefutably an effective way for real estate agents to get more attention to your business. One can achieve great visibility and online presence for their business by only investing little time and creativity, all without spending a dime.

Today, 94% real estate investors and buyers are searching online for property opportunities. Speaking of which, tips for real estate agents may work incredibly to speed up their social media growth. We are going to walk you through some of the best real estate tips for real estate agents,

Social media for real estate tip 1- Facebook

By far, Facebook has the highest number of users, followed by by Instagram and LinkedIn. Nearly all real estate agents have access to Facebook. Facebook is ranked top of the list among most used social media app with the highest number of active users.

At the outset of every real estate business, one must start with a Facebook business page. To attract more followers to your page, you must launch marketing and promotional ads. Having a Facebook business page is more professional and lets you play with creative page analytics and analyze the potential of posts to influence the audience.

Social media for real estate tip 2- Use more image and video content.

Posts containing a video and image content work best on Facebook. Hence one must use compelling and creative visuals to influence more audience. Remember, less is more. Using visuals to tell the story instead of using text content is a great way to draw the attention of the audience.  To achieve maximum engagement including likes and comments on the posts, you must post content containing questions, stories, tips, and giveaway announcements.

Social media for real estate tip 3- produce quality content only.

Quality content help greatly to gain followers on social media. Anytime you discover a good tip about your business with sharing with your audience, take a quick picture or make a short video to post on social media. The purpose is to make you seem like an expert in the field with the best knowledge and expertise in real estate business.


Social media for real estate tip 4- Educate your audience.

Educating your followers can fetch you a great number of followers, most importantly loyal followers. Position all your social media efforts on educating your followers by sharing informational content more frequently. This practice will not only yield a lot of engagement on your post but also give you long-term loyal followers and potential clients.

Social media for real estate tip 5- Post consistently.

Consistency is the key. Irregular content posting won’t give you result quickly and do wonder. You can only make a difference in your online presence if you stay active and consistent on social media. Only an active social media presence seems more credible. Posting consistently is a good thing but you also need to keep evaluating the quality of the content you are posting as well. To maintain a good quality of the content, you must post informational, entertaining and promotional content every now and then.


Social media has become a fine toolkit for realtors marketing. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore.  Social media analytics has a great potential to explore and play with. Apply the tips discussed above to kick start your real estate marketing journey.

If you are struggling to get your social media marketing go well, Linkers digital will build an impressive visibility for your brand as well as helps to enhance sales and ROI.


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