A floor plan is a crucial part of building a home for any person. People usually seek to choose the best floor plans thinking about how to best use the space. Some people usually use the special customized floor plan designed by an architect and get the design built with some other builder.

It urges us to think, Are there any specified copyright laws to protect the floor plans as one’s intellectual property. The answer is yes, the floor plans designs are copyrighted. It may inspire you to learn more about how copyright laws for floor plans work. Let us respond to your concerns as well as a slew of other topics in depth below.

Why floor plans are copyrighted?

A designer or architect is the one who creates house floor plans using their extensive knowledge and skills. Hence, it is considered their intellectual property. As floor plan designers are experts at their work. Hence, they must be protected under copyright laws to ensure they are paid fairly.

Floor plan copyright laws

The copyright laws steps in to make sure other people do not copy an original floor plan designed by an expert. The copyright laws command to deter the

  • Stealing or claiming the design as one’s own.
  • Selling the design without seeking permission from the artist.
  • Creating something similar to the original design by an artist.

Floor plan

Copyright laws control that one cannot use a floor plans in their home unless permission by the owner is granted. It generally implies that one must purchase the floor plan to use it. Nevertheless, the condition is exempted under a few circumstances such as,

  • The floor plan is given for free as a charitable act.
  • A free of the cost floor plan is offered in exchange for buying another package.
  • It has been decided after negotiation to not seek payment as monetary.

How to get copyrights for the floor plans?

Creators of the design copyright the floor and house plan. As soon as they turn it into anything tangible, their work is copyrighted. However, it is best if they legally opt to copyright their work as their legal intellectual property.


Planning to build a home is an exciting moment in one’s life. However, you cannot just ask your builder to recreate a design you found online or someone’s model of the floor design. Floor plans are protected as intellectual property under special copyright laws. It is illegal to use someone’s design which may cost a huge chunk of money.

Furthermore, designers and architects worked very hard to create a floor plan. Hence, they are obliged to be paid fairly for that work. Here is the right way, spot the ideal floor plan for your home, pay the amount to use it, and enjoy your new home!


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