The growing load of plastic waste on our planet has sparked a slew of new ideas from different industries. The use of plastic trash for road paving is an innovative way to fight this issue. This trend has been touted as a win-win solution to fight this worldwide environmental challenge.

plastic waste

Pakistan is a country facing both where plastic waste management issues as well as high-quality roads insufficiency. The government has decided to take a dig at this growing trend by introducing plastic roads in Pakistan.  Let’s have a closer look at how plastic roads are sustainable they are for the environment.


Sustainability of plastic road

Plastic roads can help use plastic waste responsibly and sustainably. Plastic pollution is a responsible solution to combat air and environmental pollution. The high durability and resilience of plastic roads make it a long-term solution. Hence, Plastic roads in Pakistan, a breakthrough in the construction industry is driving a sustainable future.

Plastic and the environment

The excess of plastic waste symbolizes a serious global concern. Nearly 54% of plastic waste ends up in landfills. It is then incinerated leaving massive carbon footprints in the environment. Roughly 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans damaging marine ecosystems.

Nevertheless, Plastic waste is not decomposed easily and hence stays with us for a long while. Meanwhile, the demand for road infrastructures for global economic growth is also inevitable. Hence, this trend has presented a scalable solution by uniting two concepts that are here to stay for a long time.

Benefits of plastic roads

The introduction of the plastic road may be a new concept but it has many benefits associated with them.   Plastic roads in Pakistan provide several important advantages and opportunities for society.

  • Reduces the plastic waste in rivers, oceans, and landfills.
  • A less expensive option as compared to asphalt
  • Ecofriendly option due to less carbon emissions as compared to asphalt roads.
  • High durable than traditional mixed asphalt.
  • Requires less manufacturing time as compared to traditional roadways.
  • Three times more resilient than asphalt hence more have a longer lifespan.

Plastic roads in Pakistan

The first-ever plastic road in Pakistan is soon to be paved in Islamabad. It is aimed to offer a sustainable solution to use a high volume of plastic waste for high-value production. The one-kilometer road on Ataturk Avenue is a project by Coca-Cola Pakistan with Capital Development Authority and the National Incubation Center. The road being built has utilized about ten tons of plastic bottles setting an example for nation-wide practice.

Final thoughts 

Without a doubt, the use of plastic waste for building plastic roads in Pakistan will bring us closer to achieving sustainable development goals.  While the future of plastic roads globally is uncertain but it still holds great potential for contributing to a prosperous future for humanity.


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