Independence Day & it’s Tradition

The 14th of August, Pakistan Independence Day, may be regarded a double day of liberty. Muslim Indians battled for independence from British control and then re-armed to fight for their own nation-state, Pakistan, which was previously part of the Indian subcontinent. During the British Raj, the Crown took full authority when the British put down the Indian Rebellion of 1857. This lasted until 1947, when Pakistan gained independence.

Pakistanis are ecstatic to celebrate their country’s independence. The day’s colours are the green and white of the Pakistani flag. Flags of the country may be seen everywhere, and fireworks displays are popular. Across the country, flag raising rituals are performed at both governmental and private organisations. To commemorate the occasion, schools and colleges hold declamation contests, art exhibitions, national song recitals, and sports marathons. There are also special programmes planned to commemorate this day.

The president and prime minister give special remarks honouring the nation’s forebears who gave their lives in defence of the country. The district and municipal governments actively organise and implement events to demonstrate patriotism and liven up the day. Citizens paint their faces, wear Pakistani flags, dress up in extravagant costumes, ignite fireworks, and celebrate everything Pakistani.

How to Actually Celebrate the Independence Day

  1. Promoting the Green Colour

Pakistan’s flag is green and white, the country’s national colours. Green denotes good fortune and wealth, while white denotes serenity. These hues, when combined, can emit a positive vibe. So, if you’re of Pakistani descent, raise your flag high!

  1. Remembering the Sacrifices

Pakistan’s independence was won after a long struggle for sovereignty and religious liberty. Take a moment to reflect on the cause and commemorate those who gave their lives to free Pakistan.

  1. Attending Local Festival

People of Pakistani descent commemorate Pakistan Independence Day with splashes of colour, delicious cuisine, exciting music, and close friendships all around the world. Get inspired and throw your own home festival!

This independence day, celebrate it with peace. Promote unity. Enjoy a lot and do not disturb the peace of people on this independence day.

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