In this read we will uncover some solid reason why you should invest in Gulberg Greens Islamabad. Since Linkers International made a sincere effort to share the knowledge on this subject and introduce a number of safe investment options where you can invest without fear of being scammed or losing your hard-earned money, this blog post focuses on the appealing features of Gulberg Islamabad, which make it one of the promising housing schemes in Islamabad where you can invest for a guaranteed profit in a coutryside location.

gulberg greens

Inception of Gulberg Greens Islamabad:

The Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme owns the Gulberg Greens housing project. IBECHS has a strong track record of housing construction in Pakistan Town, a fully integrated community near the PWD Housing Scheme. Serving IB workers would make up the majority of the IBECHS management team. You can trust the credibility of this project since it is associated with a respectable organization.

Location Features of Gulberg Greens Islamabad:

The Gulberg Greens is located near Airport Chowk on the main Islamabad Highway. Naval Anchorage, Jinnah Gardens, Korang Town, Pak PWD, Pakistan Town, and Bahria Town are all major housing schemes situated directly across from Gulberg and in the surrounding area. Gulberg’s most appealing attribute is its location, which is just 25 kilometres from the heart of Islamabad while riding on the main Islamabad Highway.

This position is far superior to DHA or Bahria Town, and the adjacent Ghori Town culture falls far short of Gulberg Greens’ expectations. As a result, after some simple commercial units are built in Gulberg, the likelihood of a major population transfer to Gulberg Greens is very high.

Gulberg Greens Development and Investment Opportunity:

Apart from its location, Gulberg Greens’ construction criteria set it apart from other investment opportunities in this price range. If you reach Gulberg via the Main Islamabad Highway, you will be astounded by the nature of construction in Gulberg Greens, where 4,5 and 10 kanal farm houses are clustered together in multiple blocks. Gulberg Greens has everything you need for luxury living at a reasonable price if you are looking for comfortable living in Islamabad. Aside from expectations, the rate of growth is appropriate.

The pace of construction has accelerated in the last two years, and all development work is planned to be completed within the next two to three years. Another enticing factor pushing investment into Gulberg is the price. When the price of a kanal in Gulberg is compared to the price of a kanal in any other established society in the area, Gulberg comes out on top.

For the near future, Gulberg Islamabad is the foremost and best investment opportunity in the twin cities. Linkers International is operating in Gulberg from past few years and have delivered giant projects like Tower 81, Corporate 1Prism Heights, D8-Heights and so on. Linkers International is a renowned name of Developers and Builders blessed with astounding abilities to deliver their projects on time. Be it farm houses or plots or commercial or residential investment in Gulberg Islamabad, Linkers International should be your first choice.



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