Prime Minister Imran Khan performed ground breaking ceremony on the 7th Avenue Interchange and two other projects at the Pak-China Centre last month.

After submitting the lowest proposal against the Frontier Works Organisation’s, the NLC was awarded the contract (FWO). The project was projected to cost Rs1.5 billion by the CDA.

After the relevant processes are fulfilled, letters of acceptance and commencement will be issued to the contractor, National Logistics Cell (NLC), according to a CDA official.

The interchange will be built at Aabpara, at the intechange of 7th Avenue, Srinagar Highway, Khayaban-i-Soharwardi, and Garden Avenue.

This intersection will feature a cloverleaf with four left and right loops and an underpass connecting the two sections of Khayaban-i-Soharwardi.

Post-bid processes are being completed, according to CDA officials, and the NLC will likely get the letter of initiation this week.

Meanwhile, the winning bidder is doing preliminary tasks such as performing a survey before deploying its gear.

Meanwhile, the CDA is working with the Islamabad police to finalise a traffic diversion strategy. Officials stated that once the project is started, it will take 18 months to finish.

The 7th Avenue interchange was first proposed in 2008, but little progress was made until last year, when the CDA decided to put it into action.

“We are aware of the issue that vehicles are experiencing, since this is one of the busiest intersections in the city. We received approval for the PC-I and granted the contract to NLC. Work on the property will begin in a few weeks, according to a CDA officer.

He claims that once done, the initiative would be a huge help to commuters and will give new shape to the 7th Avenue.

The contractor has mobilised its gear and begun a joint survey for the Sihala flyover, according to a CDA official. IJP road was expanded and overhauled for this project. The contractor was building up camp offices on Principal Road, and areas have been selected where he would begin test piling work soon. Even after the inception of 7th Avenue it is on halt.

According to the official regarding 7th Avenue, the post-bid procedure, which includes surveys, formal bid acceptance, and the issue of a letter of acceptance, takes one to two months after the bidding process is completed.

“We have been working diligently to finish all three projects’ processes prior to their formal commencement. These projects are our first priority, and they will begin soon,” the official said, adding that there would be no delays once they began because the CDA had a surplus budget for 7th Avenue, and contractors would be requested to guarantee that the projects were completed on schedule.

Source: DAWN

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