According to the CDA, Islamabad collects 500 to 600 tonnes of municipal waste every day, with 150 to 180 tonnes of plastic waste. Environmental pollution can be decreased by recycling the collected plastic by introducing plastic road concept in Islamabad..

According to a news statement published by the authority, a pilot project about plastic road construction has been launched in F-9 Park in accordance with Chairman CDA’s instructions.

This is Pakistan’s first initiative about plastic road construction, and it’s being launched in partnership with a private enterprise. It is worth noting that CDA signed (MoU) with a private beverage firm a month ago, under which work on a pilot project has already begun, according to the press release.

The project was opened on Tuesday by CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed.

If the project’s findings are favourable, the concept would be implemented on Islamabad’s highways, according to the press release.

“The project’s test engineering results will be taken tomorrow,” the press release stated, “after which this technology will be introduced in other parts of Islamabad for road construction, while this technology will be transferred to the asphalt plant of Machinery Pool Organisation (MPO) after evaluating results.” Plastic roads are expected to be more sustainable and durable than conventional roads, according to the press release.

Source: DAWN

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