CDA officials recently held a meeting where they stated that moving the landfill site from I-12 was necessary because the civic agency was about to begin development work in the sector. They said that those who were given land in the sector demanded that it be developed.

There is currently no landfill site in Islamabad, and waste is discarded under provisional arrangements. In 2004, the CDA chose a location near Kuri for the construction of a proper and scientific landfill site based on the advice of foreign consultants.

The authority had already built a road to connect the planned site, but a questionable decision by the CDA board in 2012, citing “environmental objections,” agreed not to build the site in Kuri. Since then, the authority has moved the temporary site from one location to another.

Previously, in 2018, CDA chose a landfill site in the Sangjani district, which was created by stone crushers, but residents of the nearby areas raised concerns and demanded that the landfill site be relocated to shield them from its dangerous effects during a public hearing held by the EPA.

According to sources, the CDA debated four proposed sites, including H-16, in the days leading up to the Eid holidays, and it has now been determined that the sector is a better choice than the others.



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