From Grand Trunk (GT) Road (Sangjani area) to D-12, a section of Margalla Road is now under construction.

The road alignment conflicts with a cemetery in Shah Allah Ditta, according to sources, despite the fact that the project is moving forward quickly.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) was supposed to be working on two possibilities to conserve the graveyard: either build a flyover or a tunnel. However, purchasing 16 kanals of an adjacent road to divert the alignment was also considered as a third alternative.

“While we haven’t made a final choice, we’d want to avoid acquiring land, so we’re focused on the flyover or tunnel options.” If none of these solutions is viable, the CDA would pursue land purchase to modify the road’s path and avoid the cemetery, according to a CDA official, who added that a final decision will be made this week.

Syed Asif Raza, a CDA official, said the body is considering all possibilities and would make a final decision shortly.

“The project is progressing well, and according to schedule, the D-12 segment will be completed by May, following which equipment will be mobilised to begin work on the last piece, the Bhara Kahu bypass,” he stated. To prevent any land acquisition on the Shah Allah Ditta route, a tunnel or a flyover would be investigated.”

The road will begin at G.T. Road and terminate at D-12, where it will be connected to Khayaban-i-Iqbal after the building of an intersection and a minor section of 11th Avenue.

The road’s construction will alleviate traffic congestion on the Srinagar Highway.

The Islamabad master plan includes the 33-kilometer Margalla Road from G.T. Road to Bhara Kahu. The CDA, on the other hand, chose to build it in three stages. According to the CDA, two stages will be built during the current administration’s mandate, with the third beginning afterwards.

Work on the first phase (from G.T. Road to D-12) is now underway, with authorities anticipating completion by July of this year. In the second phase, an eight-kilometer road would be built from Murree Road near Quaid-i-Azam University and will connect to Murree Road after skirting Bhara Kahu.

The second phase, however, has not yet begun. Officials with the CDA indicate that formal construction work will begin in April since the road alignment has already been finalised and the CDA’s development working group will shortly approve PC-1 prior to the commencement of formal construction.

“For the second phase of the road, we have already hired Frontier Works Organisation (FWO).” So, as soon as PC-I is cleared, the contractor will be mobilised to begin construction,” stated a CDA official.

The CDA official further said that after the first phase is completed in May, the contractor would concentrate entirely on the second phase (Bhara Kahu bypass) in order to finish it as soon as possible.



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