The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has accelerated the extension and restoration of the Islamabad Expressway as part of its attempts to improve traffic flow.

In this context, the segment from Koral to Rawat is being prioritized, while the PWD interchange is already built.

However, an official with the Capital Development Authority CDA confirmed on Sunday that the railway bridge, Bhandar bridge, and Soan Bridge are still operational.

The Korang to Soan stretch is being funded by CDA through FWO at a cost of Rs2.23 billion under a policy.

This will entail 1.93 kilometers of roadways, as well as service roads along the PWD intersection. Two rigid lanes for heavy traffic and two flexible lanes for light motor vehicles will be provided on both sides of the project.

The last remaining step, Soan Bridge, will be completed as part of PSDP in June this year, while DHA interchange will be completed by DHA officials. This expansion of Islamabad Express will help the twin residents a lot.

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