The capital development authority(CDA) has aimed at constructing a 7.0 km elevated Bhara Kahu Bypass in the upcoming few months.  Just like many other recent projects in the twin cities, CDA has also permitted the four-lane Bhara Kahu Bypass construction to ease the traffic load on Murree Road.

The special assistant to Prime Minister on CDA affairs, Mr Khurram Nawaz Awan also added, it may take 2 years to wrap up the ‘Bhara Kahu bypass’ construction work to straighten out the issue of severe traffic jams on Murree road. The bara Kahu bypass project is going to be a big relief for the dwellers of Bhara Kahu and the adjacent areas as well as the visitors and residents of Murree and Azad Kashmir.

The Bhara Kahu area has emerged as one of the most jarring point for the public during the past few years. This is largely due to the growing population and travellers as well as insufficient quantity and quality of public transport. The consistent rush hours on Murree road has not only troubled the public but also worsened the air quality. Nevertheless, the roads in Bhara Kahu are well planned and highly developed but have failed to keep up with traffic congestion caused by the growing population. Hence, the Bhara Kahu Bypass was a much-needed development in the respective area.

According to an official, the initiative for the ‘Bhara Kahu Bypass’ project was made under the Nawaz-led government, and preliminary work on the project had been completed.

The government and civic agency, are eager to complete the first section of the road and the final phase, as early as possible preferably within their five-year tenure. This is to ensure greater relief to the people by alleviating traffic congestion and regulating the traffic flow to and from the Murree Hills.


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