Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Cadastral Mapping Project in Islamabad on Wednesday, with the goal of preventing land record manipulation, ensuring development monitoring through digitalization, and providing information about land ownership with a single click.

During the inauguration, Prime Minister  remarked that digitising land records was a “significant step forward” in combating land record manipulation.

The land-grabbing mafia, according Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, does not want documents to be digitalized because it would jeopardise their goals. “Land conflicts account for 50% of all court proceedings.” So, now there is a need of cadastral mapping in Islamabad.

This digitalized system and cadastral mapping will now assist keep track of who owns the land. The prime minister stated that the price of land in the country was rising, and that it was the government’s job to maintain a lid on it and protect the people’s interests.

He said that the government has reclaimed state land worth Rs300 billion in the three years since PTI.

The prime minister stated that overseas Pakistanis are the ones who are most impacted by QABZA MAFIA since their land is rarely occupied by another person when they return to Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis would invest in the nation if we give them with a favourable environment, he said, adding that the digitalization initiative will put an end to the QABZA MAFIA. This cadastral mapping project is of huge importance and will help fight against the QABZA MAFIA.

Source: DAWN

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